Team Utah’s Vision

Stewart Peay and Austin Cox are running for Chair and Vice Chair to lead a Utah Republican Party that is a united, strong and principled force that will continue to win elections in a challenging environment for conservatives. Together, they have the judgment, political skills, experience and relationships that will provide confidence to our Republican elected officials and motivate Republican voters throughout the state. We plan to build our success off the work of Chairman Brown, his leadership team and their staff. They demonstrated that a cohesive state party builds confidence in voters and leads to victories in closely contested races.

If elected to serve Republicans as Chair and Vice Chair, Stewart and Austin’s number one priority will be to win elections. Here are five ways that Team Utah will improve the state party to help Republicans win in November 2022.

We are committed to help candidates and when elected the Party will get the resources they need to win.

We need to strengthen, protect, and modernize the caucus and convention system in Utah. Every Republican candidate should want to participate.

1. Unify the Party

Over the next two years, we have one common opponent – Democrats in Washington, DC. With 5 of our congressional members up for re-election and redistricting taking place, we cannot afford to take our eye off the ball. Not only do Utah Democrats have their sights set on more seats during the next decade, national Democrats are aiming to flip Utah blue, just as they have in Arizona, Nevada, Colorado and Georgia. Utah Republicans must unite to defend Congressional District 4, take back the U.S. House of Representatives, break the 50/50 tie in the Senate and protect our super-majorities in the Utah Legislature.

Unifying the party includes electing a state party leadership that will work with the Governor to bring conservative political interests together under one tent.  Stewart and Austin will unify Republicans to reach these goals by providing transparent, steady and principled leadership at the Utah Republican Party.

2. Appeal to Younger Voters

In addition to unifying the our current voters, we must improve our appeal to younger voters. Our state is among the fastest growing in the nation, with the highest population of young people of any state. And yet, voters are identifying with political parties less often while voting at higher margins in recent elections. According to a poll last year in Utah, just 6 percent of voters 18-24 identified as Republicans.  We must change this situation to remain viable in the future.

As Americans, it is our goal to ensure that the next generation is more prosperous than the previous. As Republicans, let it be our goal that we leave the Republican Party, and the conservative cause started by Ronald Reagan,in a stronger position for our children and grandchildren.

Stewart and Austin will support, strengthen and grow the efforts of Young Republicans, Teenage Republicans and College Republicans.

3. Build Financial Support

For the first time in nearly a decade, the Utah Republican Party is debt free. The party, however,  is always just one cycle and one leadership team away from being back in the red. Both Stewart and Austin have demonstrated an ability to raise funds and frugally use those funds to accomplish Party goals.  They will strive to coordinate and collaborate with our elected officials so that donors see the value in supporting the Party in addition to candidates. When funds are donated to the Party, they can be used for the benefit of multiple candidates and bring forth a coherent message to voters.

In addition, they will work to strengthen grass roots fundraising so that more members of our Party have a financial stake in the Party and to broaden our base of financial support.

Stewart and Austin will develop a long-term fundraising plan to increase the Party’s budget. They will also lead in fiscally prudent ways so that the party has resources to support candidates in November.

4. Control the Message

Democrats have large advantages in the press and on social media.  This often results in Utah Republicans being absent from the conversation or put on the defensive. That puts us all – candidates, rank-and-file members, and contributors – at a disadvantage, reacting when we should be promoting. It’s time to play offense in support of the conservative principles and values that we share. We need to define our own message.

The Party must speak on behalf of its office holders and members and defines its values, including limited government, fiscal conservatism, local control of federal lands and personal responsibility.  These core causes provide a message that we can all get behind.

As the national party seeks to find their way, Stewart and Austin will help Utah remain strong and firmly footed in the conservative principles that we all share.

5. Support and Defend the Caucus System

The caucus-convention system plays a vital role in the Utah Republican Party. Unfortunately, it is constantly under attack and attracts far too few people to caucus. Without a strategy and a game plan to defend and improve this time tested process, there is no doubt that we will soon see another ballot initiative attempting to eliminate the caucus-convention system altogether. We must build consensus within the Party before this happens. Furthermore, we must increase participation in the caucus, not only to improve its outcomes but also to motivate and build our volunteer base.

Over the last year, Chairman Brown has assembled a team to identify ways to improve the caucus system. Stewart and Austin will continue these efforts and bring the best ideas forward to the State Central Committee for immediate implementation.