Our Priorities

Win Elections

We will have 5 Congressional Seats to defend in 2022. To make sure our conservative values are represented in Washington D.C., we can’t afford to lose a single seat in Congress.

Also, we will fight for every seat in the Utah Legislature and try to grow our caucuses in the House and the Senate.

Increase Resources

To win elections, it takes money, data, and volunteers. For the first time in nearly a decade the Party is debt free. We will make sure we have sufficient to run the operations of the Party and also increase Republican turnout in the 2022 election.

Grow the Party

Our state is rapidly growing and the Party needs to grow with it. We will support, strengthen and grow the efforts of Utah Federation of Republican Women, Utah Latino Republicans and the organizations reaching out to the future of our Party: Young Republicans, Teenage Republicans and College Republicans. We will compete for seats in red, blue, and purple areas of the state.